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Letting Go Of Negative Beliefs About Pregnancy

Wednesday, 04 December 2013 08:07
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In last week’s blog I wrote about how to discover your pregnancy core beliefs. If you missed it you can read it here. Once you have figured out what your negative core beliefs about pregnancy are you can take the next step, which is to release them.

To release your negative core beliefs about pregnancy you are going to start by challenging your beliefs. Just because they have been your beliefs in the past does not mean that you have to keep them around. Put them to the test and determine whether they actually do belong in your belief system.

Here are some questions you can ask yourself about the belief:

  • Can I find evidence to disprove this statement?
  • Is this statement always true?
  • Does this statement have to be true for me?
  • Is there anything I can do differently?

Many times you will easily find evidence to the contrary of your belief. Going back to our example from last week, you may hold the belief that pregnant women are moody and irrational. This is a negative belief that may be impacting your own state of mind. When you challenge this statement you will realise that sometimes pregnant women are moody and irrational. But this isn’t always the case, and  we have all seen evidence of pregnant women who are joyful and calm and very rational. I am sure we have all met that pregnant woman who is just positively glowing, and on cloud nine. Or we know someone who never felt better than when she was pregnant. And I am sure there have been times throughout your own pregnancy when you’ve felt great. I’m sure you’ve had many moments when you are quite rational. So the statement isn’t always true. And it doesn’t have to be true for you. So what can you do differently so that you don’t play the part of the moody, irrational pregnant woman?

You can set an intention to release your negative core belief about pregnancy. To do this, start by taking a few moments to relax. With your eyes closed, take a few relaxing breaths. Then state in your mind “My intention is to release my negative belief that pregnant women are moody and irrational.” Then imagine yourself living the day ahead fulfilling that intention. See the result of living that intention. What would your day look like? How would you interact with other people? How would you feel? This will set you up for the next step.

I am in charge of my emotional wellbeing during pregnancyYou can now affirm “I release my negative core beliefs about pregnancy.” Then use an affirmation that will replace that negative belief with a positive belief. For instance, in our example a good affirmation would be “Pregnant women are in charge of their emotional wellbeing” or “I am in charge of my emotional wellbeing during pregnancy.”

Visualise or write about what your pregnancy would be like if you had this positive core belief instead of the negative one.

You can repeat this process for each negative core belief about pregnancy that you identified when you went through the process of discovering your core pregnancy beliefs.

Taking the time to discover your pregnancy core beliefs, and then releasing the negative ones is a great way to have a Mindful Pregnancy.

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About the author: Jamie Hocking is the founder of Mindful Pregnancy and the creator of Affirmations For Pregnancy. Her mission is to support pregnant women with empowering practices so they can embrace the transformative power of pregnancy. Jamie is currently training to be a Hypnobirthing Practitioner. She is the mother to two daughters, ages six and one. 




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