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Home Birth Step #7: Gathering Birthing Supplies

Tuesday, 01 May 2012 12:42
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 Some providers will give you a list of items for you to purchase typically a kit that they have set together at specific websites and it’s a one click shopping trip. There are even a few who provide everything from your birthing tub, to post partum products, it will just depend on your care provider.

Things you may want to have:

  • birthing tub
  • post partum pads and/or adult diapers (easily purchased at any supermarket)
  • mesh panties (specialty item found at homebirth suppliers or at medical equipment stores such as or other panties chosen for your post partum bleeding 
  • extra food in the house for snacks for everyone
  • hose to connect from your water heater (or sink)  to your tub (hardware store)
  • hydrogen peroxide and rubbing alcohol to help get any possible stains out (regular grocery store item)
  • heating pad (pharmacy area in your grocery market)
  • small movable stable surface like a cookie sheet or a bowl for the placenta 
  • spare towels: large and small size
  • extra set of clean sheets for the bed
  • shower curtain or plastic to cover the bed (protect the mattress)
  • a large quilt/blanket under the birth pool (to absorb any access water splashed getting in and out)


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