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Home Birth Step #10: Making Your Birthing Space

Tuesday, 01 May 2012 12:50
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You will want to have a room that will comfortably fit everyone and your birthing tub (if using). A warm cozy area where light levels can be adjusted as needed is also very beneficial. If you are using candles look into having some flameless candles, as candles can heat up a room very quickly. Most women labor best in a darkened quiet area. Make sure there are curtains or blinds on the windows so they can be closed to allow for additional privacy.


Make sure your birthing supplies are easily accessible and everyone knows where they are. If having a waterbirth, make sure you have a stack of clean towels next to the tub. Also make sure there is water or an energy drink available to you at all times, along with snacks. 


Set up your cd player/mp3 player and make sure your care provider or doula know how to use it, so they can start or stop it as needed. If you want photos or video makes sure your support people also know how to use them and what moments you want captured from the labour and birth.

Other Details

Prepare the room for any religious beliefs or practices, including plans for the placenta. Some women find personal items that make them feel good important to have, whether this be a favorite photo or a focal point to concentrate on when labour gets tough. And last but not least, make sure you have items for baby like clothes, blankets, towels, hat and diapers.

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