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Home Birth Step #12: Postpartum Care

Tuesday, 01 May 2012 12:53
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 You will have a visit from your provider 24 hours after the birth and then 72 hours after the birth, and then once a week thereafter typically anywhere from 6 to 12 weeks postpartum. If you are having any issues make sure you are candid with your care provider. See if you can have friends or family set up a meal and cleaning train for you. The more you can rest the faster you will recover. If you are having breast feeding difficulties your provider may recommend seeing a Lactation Consultant and never forget there is the La Leche League which is a free breastfeeding support group available worldwide.

It is good to be as prepared as possible, even with the little things that are normally no big deal, as the first few weeks with baby will be consuming, exciting and tiring.
A few things to do to prepare is:
  • meals ready in the freezer
  • baby stuff set up ahead of time
  • having  friends set up a meal train for the weeks after the birth is invaluable, if you have this kind of support. It means you and your partner can focus on the baby
  • see if friends or family can do a load of dishes, laundry or watch the baby so you can nap or take a shower
  • perhaps line of up outside care for your other children to give yourself a break
  • see if your partner can take a week or 2 of holidays

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