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Tuesday, 01 May 2012 12:51

Home Birth Step #11: Birthing Day

 Call your care provider, by this point you will have a great relationship with them and they will help you through it over the phone, putting your mind at ease until they arrive. Have your partner call whoever you were wanting to attend your birth (doula, friends, family, photographer) and if you changed your mind on having people there that is completely okay! Have your partner start filling up your birthing tub (if you are a fast birther, start this early as it takes awhile) or wait until your care provider comes and they will help with that. Keep in mind you can always top up the tub later on with hot water, if the water sits for awhile. This is a way better option than not having time to set it up. In fact if you have an inflatable pool, having it inflated and waiting in those last couple weeks is a good idea.

Make sure that if you are going to have your placenta encapsulated you contact that person so they know to be ready to do that. And remind your care provider that you want your placenta encapsulated so they can make sure that it gets bagged up and placed in your fridge or freezer appropriately.

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