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Monday, 17 March 2014 14:21

The Homebirth of Baby Lumen, in Photos

Since photographing my first birth at the end of 2013, I’ve been pretty excited to find another family who would be willing to allow me into their inner circle on their birthing day.  When I got a message from Cassie right after the holidays that she was due in just a few weeks, on January 16th,  I was beyond excited.  Cassie and her team were planning a peaceful homebirth with baby #2.   She shared her birth story of her first child with me, who was born at the local birth center. After hearing Cassie’s experience with baby #1, I knew that baby #2 would have an amazing birthing day and it would be amazing to photograph.  Cassie used Hypnobabies for her first birth and I’ve read such amazing birth stories from Hypnobabies use that I was excited to see it in practice.  Let me tell you, I am a believer — Cassie had a fear free and very empowering birth.

Cassie and I had planned to meet for a play date  with our kiddos prior to baby’s arrival, but we had to postpone our meeting.  When we postponed, I told Cassie that I had the ‘vibe’ that she might birth that coming weekend, and I wanted to make sure she was still comfortable with me coming even if we hadn’t met yet.  She was, and that was good for me because I got the call from her Sunday night at around 8pm that baby was coming that night or next morning.  She said that someone would give me a call when I needed to come and about 3 hours later, Cassie’s doula, Leila, called and said baby was on its way!  I got dressed, made tea, and put my gear in the car as I made the midnight drive to their home.  When I arrived at midnight, I could hear the moans of labor from inside and it sounded like baby was near.   Cassie was truly a birthing goddess and I was in awe of her strength and power.  Her husband was a pillar of support and strength, although Cassie had it all under control.  The midwives watched and checked her, but they stayed pretty hands off, because Cassie’s body was doing what it was supposed to.   At 12:31 baby girl Lumen was born, surrounded by daughter Aster, her grandmother, and best friends.   She is beautiful and a lucky girl to be brought into this amazing family.  Here is the pictorial of her peaceful birth.


Denver birth photography, birth photographer, Jennifer Mason Photography

Denver birth photography, birth photographer, Jennifer Mason Photography

Denver birth photography, birth photographer, Jennifer Mason Photography

Denver birth photography, birth photographer, Jennifer Mason Photography

Denver birth photography, birth photographer, Jennifer Mason Photography

Denver birth photography, birth photographer, Jennifer Mason Photography

Denver birth photography, birth photographer, Jennifer Mason Photography

Denver birth photography, birth photographer, Jennifer Mason Photography

Cassie moaned through contractions, and talked or kissed during the break. It was empowering to watch.

birth photosDenver birth photography, birth photographer, Jennifer Mason PhotographyBirth photography, Denver, Jennifer Mason Photography

12:24, baby started crowning!  Cassie pushed her out through the waves.

Denver birth photography, birth photographer, Jennifer Mason PhotographyDenver birth photography, birth photographer, Jennifer Mason Photography

Denver birth photography, birth photographer, Jennifer Mason PhotographyDenver birth photography, birth photographer, Jennifer Mason PhotographyShe was so calm. 

Denver birth photography, birth photographer, Jennifer Mason Photography

Everyone was excited! These girls had just traveled 6 hours in the car to see their friend give birth.  They didnt make a peep, just watched in awe.  Denver birth photography, birth photographer, Jennifer Mason Photography2014-01-17_0016This is the face of a mama peacefully birthing.

Denver birth photography, birth photographer, Jennifer Mason PhotographyDenver birth photography, birth photographer, Jennifer Mason PhotographyDenver birth photography, birth photographer, Jennifer Mason Photography

6 minutes after she was crowning, she was born.  12:31.  Caught by her mama <3.

Denver birth photography, birth photographer, Jennifer Mason Photography

Denver birth photography, birth photographer, Jennifer Mason PhotographyDenver birth photography, birth photographer, Jennifer Mason Photography

Baby sister announcing the gender!  This was SO priceless and cute.   It went something like this: Mama to Aster, “do you want to tell us if you have a brother or sister?”... Aster looks for a sec, then innocently asks “is that a penis?”  and Mama said, “nope.”  Aster says, ‘then its a vulva, a girl!!!’  And it was very exciting!   Can you see the recollection on her eyes on the photos below?

Denver birth photography, birth photographer, Jennifer Mason PhotographyDenver birth photography, birth photographer, Jennifer Mason Photography

Denver birth photography, birth photographer, Jennifer Mason Photography2014-01-17_0032Denver birth photography, birth photographer, Jennifer Mason Photography2014-01-17_0031Joy all around!

Denver birth photography, birth photographer, Jennifer Mason Photography2014-01-17_0035

Pure bliss!  Want to read more?  Here is part 2 of baby Lumens birth, on the night she was born :)

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Sunday, 21 April 2013 00:00

The Story of Samuel's Home Birth

On February 21st, I'm at 40+4. I'm home alone with my two girls Émilie 3 years old and Chloé 17 months old. Daddy Simon's at work. The day before, I had an appointment with one of my midwives, Maggie, and she gave me a good stretch and sweep and told me I would not pass the weekend. The morning of the 21st I sent an email to my doula, Nelia, to make sure she was available and close if things started (I guess I had a strong feeling). Around 2 pm, I get a really strong contraction, the strongest so far with this pregnancy. I even had tears in my eyes. Of course, my 17 month old decided that in the peak of the contraction, was the best time to have a Mommy-take-me-in-your-arms-right-now-or-i'll-cry-and-scream-for-an-hour..... fit. Then I got another contraction, and another. Ok i'm starting the timer... 3 minutes, 6 minutes, 3 minutes, 2 minutes.. hmmm could it be?

I sent another email to Nelia, told her what was happening, and she called me right away. She thought I was in labor. She asked me if I wanted her to come now, I would get a break with the girls while daddy would be on his way. Ok in about 30 minutes she will be there, I tell Dad on msn come home, I think this is it!

When Nelia arrived, the girls were so excited! Chloé asked to be picked up and stayed in her arms for a long while and Émilie gave her a tour of the house (cutie). We worked through early labor managing the girls, they knew something was happening, Chloé especially wanted lots of extra care.

When Dad arrived, he took over as promised (he was going to be our man servant and caretaker hehe). We went upstairs for some quiet time. I called my midwife and she came in the early evening, as well as the birth photographer.

When my midwife Jaquie checked me, I was at 3 cms (1 more than the day before). So I continued contracting, I felt a lot of pressure on the cervix as well. Émilie was so excited with all the people in the house that she wanted to come and join us. Dad also brought up a platter of fruit, chocolate and doughnuts, as well as water bottles (I had already set up a tea and coffee station in the room). The girls came in and out of the room with innocent curiosity (to use Nelia's words).

At one point though I had to ask that Émilie leave because she was too hyper and it was bothering me a bit, I was not concentrating on my contractions as much, I got distracted.

So it went on, we talked in between contractions, it was very pleasant, we laughed at what I was wearing (white underwear, bright pink tank top and brown bootie slippers). Two hours have passed, Jaquie gives me another check up to see how things are progressing. Nothing changed, still at 3 cms and still thick. So she left to try and get some rest (it was around 8 pm) because it seemed that a couple of other babies were preparing their grand entrance that night as well. The photographer left to get some rest as well.

I was bummed a bit, I did not want things to stop.

So it was just me and Nelia then. We had a relaxing and peaceful time together. I put on some music, a Robert Plant and Alyson Krauss album (Raising Sand) we listened to it 4-5 times I think and baby was moving like a maniac every time the song, "Gone Gone Gone" came on and every time I got a contraction. I also went on Facebook to chat with some friends. I had told them that baby was probably on his way and they were so excited. They loved a belly picture I posted them on the spot HAHA.

At around 10 pm things started to really slow down. Contractions spaced to about every 20 minutes.

My body was tired, and letting me know. After Nelia let me sleep for a little while, she told me that things had slowed, and that we could let them progress in this way or we could try to get back.

So we decided to flip over after each contraction because every time I changed positions, the contractions would come again. That worked and got things closer, but still not at the frequency and intensity needed. She suggested the breast pump and I agreed. I plugged it on the right breast for about 5 minutes and BAM I flung myself on my right side, taking a really strong contraction that took us both by surprise! I took 2 more back-to-back right there. So we called Jaquie again (around 11 pm). The contractions were 6 minutes apart. She returned in the wee hours of the morning. Since no one knew how fast things would progress (this being my third baby) all the midwives were called, as well as the photographer Leeanne.

Jaquie checked me and I was at 5 cm and about 40% effaced. ONLY THAT?! Câlisse! (in other words ..f***), At least I was in active labour now!

The other midwife, Kathleen and her student Meredith arrived then, as well as Leanne.

Kathleen left soon after arriving to go check another mother in early labour not far from my house.

So I started moving through labour. I was very active in my body, went in the tub, sat on the ball, used the birth stool, drank water etc. The best position was squating on my knees (kind of like a frog) but my knees got tired fast, so I had to keep moving around. I went back to the tub and had another check up, I was at 6 cms and 70% effaced, Why is it taking so long? My body is playing tricks on me GRRR!

We discussed breaking my waters, but she wanted to wait for Kathleen to come back and that I get to 7 cms.

I got out of the tub then took a few contractions on the bathroom floor, and a few on the floor in my bedroom (still squating). I remember at this point looking in the room (between two really painful contractions) everybody was sipping tea and chatting, while supporting me. It was such a pleasant birth!

The contractions were really painful now, I mean REALLY painful. I was crying and losing control a bit. Nelia and Jaquie were both helping me throught this part, I needed to come back or I would have lost it! I was tired and losing mental strength.

Kathleen came back then. I was now sitting on the ball and letting a few F***'s out here and there! And the the TABARNACK's came. Oh they all found it funny to ear me swear in french HAHA. I wanted to go in the bed at that point and take some contractions on my side. I knew it could slow the contractions, but I didn't care. I needed a break! Jaquie told me she would examine me between two contractions. I was now at 7 cms so she decided to break my waters (it was 7:06 am). BAM strong contractions (3 I think)! I was screaming my heart out, hitting the pillow and towards the end of the last contraction. "OH I'm pushing, gosh I'm pushing, I feel the baby coming, I feel it really well too!!''

Jaquie checked me and I was at 10 cms and fully effaced, but there was a lip of the cervix that wouldn't move. She told me ''You are going to have to push on your hands and knees we need this lip to move.''

So here we go, I'm on my knees in my bed, holding Nelia's hands so hard (I even broke the skin a bit with my nails, so sorry Nelia =S).

First contraction, crowning.

Second contraction, head born.

Third contraction, shoulders passed and baby's born!

It's 7:18 am

Hey Sam!

I pick him up, I'm holding him tight. I'm in love again, of course! They are moving me in the bed to get me confortable and take the bloody sheets off the bed, but I'm locked with him, nothing else matters!

He wants the breast. I feel it, so I help him a bit and he latches on (he stayed on for a good hour I think).

It took 12 minutes from breaking my waters to baby being born!! =O

Placenta came out fast and easy and I cut the cord myself!

I was checked to see if I needed stiches (only 3 small ones) and I giggled the whole time (whaaaat?, I'm ticklish!) Everybody thought that was funny haha!

When we were presentable, Simon and the girls came up. Émilie had been asking to come see the baby since 6:30 am! She jump in bed and was amazed by her brother. She wanted to kiss him and hold him. Chloé was more quiet, at first she was more concerned with all the people in the room, but when she saw him, her face lit up and she was very curious. Simon looked proud and happy, his third child, his first boy!

We calmed down and examined baby, he weighed 9.7 pounds and was 53.5 cm (21.1 inches).

After that we slept well. I looked at him for a while with a smile on my face and then slept, he was already fast asleep at the breast.  =)

What an adventure!


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Sunday, 14 April 2013 11:28

New Mother Book Review

"Filled with great advice for expectant moms, New Mother makes the perfect gift for any pregnant woman.

The information author Allie Chee provides allows for women to be in charge of their birth and postpartum time. Instead of just letting things happen, Chee informs us on how to plan for a desirable birth experience and teaches the reader that this really is something that you must be proactive about." 



• Do you want a natural childbirth?

• Have you considered home birth?

• Do you believe that your postpartum can and
should be magical?

NEW MOTHER: Using a Doula, Midwife, Postpartum Doula, Maid, Cook or Nanny to Support Healing, Bonding and Growth


NEW MOTHER, Book Summary

Reclaim the magic in motherhood!
It is possible to have it all: a more natural birthing experience; relaxing, bonding family time postpartum; time to care for yourself; time to take care of your home; and the ability to choose whatever vision you hold for your experience of childbirth and motherhood.

That’s not what we’ve been told, taught, or empowered to do... until now.
There’s more to pregnancy, childbirth, and postpartum than what is usually discussed in literature and doctors’ offices: the next problem, pain, or procedure! New Mother offers a clear vision for reclaiming the beauty and sacred nature of pregnancy and parenthood.

Author Allie Chee, at age 42 and after two miscarriages, wanted a home birth, a traditional 40-day postpartum healing and bonding time, and to breastfeed and co-sleep for two years. That’s not for everyone, but indeed almost everyone would want a more natural, loving childbirth experience at home or in the hospital than the standard, mechanical childbirth template common today—and this book helps you plan for just that…a more natural, loving childbirth experience!

Throughout the work, vignettes of the author’s and other mothers’ experiences are included that will resonate with parents, keep them laughing, and encourage them to rewrite the story of their lives.


"If you are pregnant or are a new mother you cannot afford not to heed
the advice given by Allie Chee in her book, New Mother, if you want to experience the true joy and fulfillment of new motherhood.
A very practical book written with humor and wisdom."



More info & reviews: New Mother Blog – Reviews

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Monday, 06 February 2012 18:00

Allie's Homebirth: Dad's Perspective

Chapter Thirty One – The Conception

There I sat in a dimly lit dive in south Ajax. The odour of stale beer and second hand smoke hang in the air as though the grimy yellowed window in the corner hadn’t been opened since the honourable Kim Campbell had served as Canada’s 19th prime minister. The mundane chatter of past their prime labourers aggressively critiquing the Toronto Maple’s hummed in the back ground as I received a text was from her. This dame I went to high school with and later had two children with. Her text read “When the hell are you getting your fat ass home, I’m horny.”

Crap... Allie just told me to skip the conception part...

Chapter Thirty Two – The Office

There I sat at my desk. The Jays were playing the Yankees. I had just Face booked that Rogers is a bunch of douche waffles because “their watch every game online” wasn’t showing the game. (A problem which I must commend Rogers for as they had corrected the problem by the second inning). My sister had just emailed me that her and my dad were sitting in the back yard watching the game with some cold beers in hand. Allie, the boys and I had lunch in the mall food court that day, which made it hard to drag myself back into the office.

The sun danced through my desk plant, flickering beams of summer on my paper work and mocking my confinement. I had serious thoughts of taking a half a vacation day to join my family in my parent’s yard to watch the ball game. I strained to conjure up the will power to remain motionless at my desk. Just as I thought I would break and start packing up my belongings I received a text. “I think my water just broke” I picked up the phone but was too nervous to remember our number which I have a hard time recalling at the calmest of moments. I tried three numbers with no success. Another text message comes though “Yep, it did.”

I finally pull myself together enough to dial the right number. “Serious” I say as Allie picks up the phone. “Oh, yeah, this is fucking gross.”

“Ok, I’m on my way home, or do you need me to come home? Of course, I’m coming home”

“Ok, but I’m fine, no contractions, it just really gross”

“I’ll see you soon.”

I called my daughter and my parents and worked out some details. My office mates over heard me say that Allie’s water broke and were all over me. I think I did a good job of hiding my nervousness. After some jokes and well wishes I was out the door and on my way home.

I took the most traffic polluted route home, forgetting that there was construction at our high way cut off, listening first to some classic rock then some classical music to calm things down.

Chapter Thirty Three – The Murray McBride Manor

I sped into the drive way, slammed the car into park then put my cool as a cucumber persona on again. I gather my bag from the back seat and went into the house. Everything was normal. The boys doing their thing, and Allie chilling, except for a few washroom breaks.

I was nervous, but seeing Allie’s calm brought me into the right groove. I looked at the mess the boys and ourselves had accumulated over the last little while and started cleaning so that the eminent arrival of the midwives and guests would have somewhere toy and laundry free to park themselves. As we folded laundry, picked up some toys, and move some things around Allies friend Jordan showed up.

We got the birthing pool in place and then sat to relax for a bit. I was nominated to go the beer store. (This is my story, that’s how it happened).

Chapter Thirty Four – The Beer Store

Nothing “contraction wise” was happening at home so I went to the grocery store to gather supplies. Muffins, trail mix, ginger ale, fruit... all the essentials necessary for extracting one human from another. I rushed through the grocery store crossing items off my list and buying about 20 items that weren’t on the list. After running through the cash and loading up the car, I can see my next stop from where I was parked. The beer store, standing strong and proud at the other end of the parking lot. With its oversized frothing beer-mug-store-front guiding my way, I pulled the car around and entered the store.

The only cash open is the bottle return cash. I rush in narrowly beating a man with a shopping cart full of loose cans, but lose my place as I veer off to grab my standard 28 case of Moosehead lager. As I head back towards the cash the man with the cans is nice enough to let me go first. I say “Thank you, my wife is in labour and she will probably appreciate me getting back quicker”. The man looks at me for a second then just laughs. The lady working the cash says “Really? Your wife’s in labour and you’re out buying 28 beers?”

“Yes, It’s our fourth kid” I respond.

“Wow, I don’t know what to say” she says next.

“Hey, she’s having a home birth and she’s the one who send me out to the grocery store, which is very close to the beer store.”

The lady chuckles, she and the man wish us luck and I am on my way home.

Chapter Thirty Four – The Wait

I spent the next couple of hours asking what I need to do and getting it done. We filled the pool. We got blankets and towels ready, we watched dancing on TV??? I eventually changed it to baseball. The midwives showed up. First one, then the second, and later a third. I was expecting one, but towards the end didn’t know how many would show up. Regardless of the number of midwives I found each one just as pleasant and accommodating towards Allie’s needs as the last.

A few hours went by without much progression in Allie’s labour. First Willy went to bed (which I think happened before the midwives showed up) then Dewy followed a few hours later. It was as Allie fought off contractions while putting Dewy down that things started getting juicy.

Chapter Thirty Five – The Big Squeeze

Contractions went from, “ouch” to” WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS SHIT!” in a matter of minutes. Next thing we know Allie is being checked for dilation, and minutes later she is in the birthing pool. This is where all the ladies shined and I took a step back to make sure my oafish demeanour didn’t step on anyone’s toes. Though I’ve seen my other three children born from start to finish, I find others are better prepared at encouraging the labouring mother through these moments. My strengths lie in repeating the encouraging words of others, being a hand holder and water boy.

Allie has found her position in the pool that offers her the most comfort. The midwives and Jordan are incredible. Allie is howling through the pain with Jordan soothing her the whole way. The midwives are prepared with everything you would need. That is when I’m asked if I would like to catch the baby. For a split second I think “Sure, I haven’t done that before” followed by “No way, I’m not dropping a brand new baby into the water”. I decline. Luckily Jordan didn’t even let me finish my sentence before she was already putting on the gloves and jumping into position.

I don’t know how many minutes passed but looking back it seems like it was two. I heard Jordan exclaim that she could feel the head, and then the midwife said something about a girl part being in the way, then that part wasn’t in the way anymore and Allie was good to start pushing.

Chapter Thirty Six – Welcome Declan

I swear it was seconds after Allie started pushing that the ladies said “...and the head is out” which I’ve known from my other children to be the most challenging part of giving birth. A couple of seconds later, mixed with some guttural primal screams from Allie, and Jordan is holding up our brand new son... she shows me the baby and gives me a look, I swear I see a penis, it must have been the way the cord or some other birthing goop was sitting but I swear I saw a tiny little wiener.

Allie is passed the baby and goes nuts... “We have our Emilie!!! I have my little girl!!!” That’s about when I clued in that look that Jordan had given was “It’s a girl!” I’m stunned, sitting absorbing Allie’s reaction to having the baby. My heart is warm. She is so estatic. It is then that I’m reminded that I should have been taking pictures. That’s when I fetch Jordan her camera and go and join Allie and Emilie. It is then that I see my daughter’s face for the first time. She’s precious.

Chapter Thirty Seven – The After Party

I cut Emilie’s cord and got to hold her for the first time. She’s so tiny compared to Willy, so fragile, so not a pain in my ass yet. She’s precious. We move our party upstairs to the bed. Allie gets to feed her for the first time. She’s a natural, which is good because she’ll need that baby fat and muscle to defend herself again her older brothers until they turn into her protectors.

We send out our texts and call our family. Everyone is relaxing in the room. A job well done. I don’t think it could have went any more perfect.

I drive Jordan home before the midwives have to leave. I could really hear the excitement in Jordan’s voice as we chatted on the drive. She is truly a great friend to be there for Allie with such emotion and passion.

When I arrive back home I help the midwives out and Allie and I sit in the bed and soak in all that has happened that evening. Our daughter is beautiful. She’s perfect. We’re wired and can’t sleep. I grab a beer and make some bagels for us. We eat and talk, our eyes almost never leaving this beautiful little girl who has made our family complete.

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Finding a provider can be hard. You can ask friends, family, google or other search engines, and social media. You need to find someone who is not afraid of homebirth. Who will support you and comfort you the way you need. If there is any gut feeling of tension or insecurity with that person, discuss it with them and if that does not resolve, find another provider. Keep in mind that some countries/regions have very strict guidelines on what is considered a low risk pregnancy, and under certain conditions this assessment may make it difficult or impossible for you to remain in their care. Your care provider will be able to tell you if you are considered a low risk pregnancy.

Once you have done your research through friends, family and online, make a list of all your prospective providers. Don’t forget to look at Family Practioners, Naturopathic Doctors, Certified Professional Midwives, Direct Entry Midwives, OB/GYN’s, and Certified Nurse Midwives (not all of these options are available in all areas).

Your best bet is to call and see if they will do a free meet and greet appointment. Most should although if you are going through a family practitioner or OB/GYN you may have to pay for the office visit (although many are covered and you will only have to pay your co-payment.). Make a list of questions to ask your prospective providers.  Some midwives do take insurance and some don’t, and many will offer different payment plans. Believe it or not, some will let you pay in installments or even let you trade services with them for payment in finances are an issue. Choosing your care provider is a personal decision that you really should weigh carefully against your personal feelings and those of your partners. You want to feel comfortable with the provider and feel like they are working for you through the enitre pregnancy, birth and after care. 

Questions to ask:

  • Transports/Transfer rate (how often a laboring woman is transferred to the hospital)
  • Reasons for transport
  • Episiotomy rate (a surgical cut into the perineum to help avoid tearing)
  • Cesarean Section Rate within transports
  • Are Doula’s allowed/welcomed
  • Waterbirth ability
  • Postions for delivering
  • Pain Relief Options
  • Medications/Oxygen for hemorrage or resuscitation efforts
  • Co-Care with an Obstetrician
  • Back-up care
  • Twin or other multiples, Breech, VBAC options
  • Breastfeeding support
  • What will risk me out of a homebirth?
  • How do you handle transfer of care if risked out?

Here is a comprehensive list of questions to ask your care provider.

At this point, you can decide to go with a care provider or whether a Unassisted Birth is right for you. Once again this is a very personal choice, that will take much consideration and thought.

Go back to: Step #1: Is Home Birth Right for You?

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There are many personal opinions on home birth, but in this case the only ones that matter are yours and your partner’s. Often your care provider may tell you that home birth is a dangerous option, especially if you every had a cesarean or other difficulties in past births but you are always open to getting another care provider.

How do you know if this is right for you? There is no simple answer. It requires you to be responsible for your own choices and understanding the joys and risks involved. Question everything you think you know and what your provider knows, read books/blogs/forums, question your care provider and continue to question your care provider. Make sure that you have an answer that you have not only been told but that you have researched. This is not to become the sole educated person there but so you can make educated decisions every step of the way.

Some questions to ask yourself:

  • How close are your neighbors?
  • Are you in an apartment complex?
  • Are you going to be comfortable making loud vocalizations during labor?
  • How far are you from a hospital? Are you comfortable with the distance?
  • Are you considered a low risk pregnancy?
  • What is your past birth experiences?
  • Are you comfortable with your support team?
  • Where do you want to give birth in your home? In bed, tub or birthing pool?

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Sunday, 29 April 2012 07:00

Introduction to Home Birth

Birthing at home is one of those choices that will baffle, amaze, and confuse people, but for those who choose it as their birth place, it will be a life changing event.

In some states in the USA, only Family Practitioners or OB/GYN’s are legally allowed to attend home births. In other states and countries, you have a wide range of prospective providers to choose: from a Direct Entry Midwife to an OB/GYN. A Direct Entry Midwife is someone who has spent years studying and attending births under a senior midwife but may not have attended a college or school specializing in midwifery. These care providers are also often available to you if you choose to deliver in a Birthing Center.

There are some who choose what is called an Unassisted Birth. An Unassisted Birth means exactly that, no one is there in a professional medical capacity to assist the mother and baby in labor and delivery. Some will use a doula, some will just have their partner, and there are some who will have no one and prefer to alone while in labor. This is 100% a personal decision.

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Saturday, 19 November 2011 10:44

Unassisted Birth Step #9: Gathering Supplies

This might include, but is not limited to:

  • birth pool
  • shower curtain or vinyl table cloth
  • chux pads
  • towels
  • cord clamps
  • scissors
  • placenta bowl
  • baby scale
  • receiving blankets
  • baby hats
  • herbs (for example, shepherd's purse for bleeding or raspberry tea leaves).  

Birth kit supplies may be purchased from a variety of sites (some may be cheaper on certain sites than they are on others, and supplies vary, so look around), but a popular site to purchase from is this one:

I personally recommend doing a search for a particular item you want one at a time, unless you plan to order many different things.  (A lot of things can be found at a local department store or laying around your house.)  You may also decide that you want monitoring (the baby's heart rate, your blood pressure, cervical checks, etc.), in which case you can use supplies that you have used for your UP (or purchase them via the, or wherever you feel comfortable getting them from).  

You might even decide that a birth kit is unnecessary.  Alternatively, it might be a good idea to pack a hospital bag, in the unlikely event you need to transfer.  

Visualize your birth and decide what you need.  If you think you might run into (or fear) a certain complication, you may want to especially prepare for that one, even just for peace of mind.  Most women find that they don't need hardly anything that they put in their birth kit but it is better to be prepared than need it and not have it on hand.

Here is the story my unassisted birth with my twin girls.


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