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Birth Made Easy Book Review

Saturday, 02 November 2013 10:14
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BIRTH MADE EASY is a complete hypnobirthing package as it comes with a hypnobirthing CD.  There are no classes to attend. The book is easy to follow and simply written.

This book is for the mum-to-be and for her partner. This book focuses on how you can take control of your mind and body so that birth becomes the straightforward process it is meant to be. You will learn to trust in the biology of your body – which is designed to give birth – and in the inner power of the unconscious mind to create healing, so your baby’s birth can become the truly magical experience it should be.

The techniques described in the book – self hypnosis, visualisation, different breathing methods, and the use of colours for healing and relaxation – have had proven results, empowering mothers-to-be to enjoy their pregnancy, have a wonderful birth experience, be relaxed and in control, promote their own rapid healing and recovery, bond easily with their baby, and get back to pre-pregnancy weight, shape and dimensions very soon after birth.


Praise for 'Birth Made Easy'


“As a GP with an interest in hypnotherapy I found this a fascinating book. I was fortunate to benefit from Paola’s teaching and her clear communication skills make this an easy read. Techniques she describes and teaches could benefit expectant mums both during pregnancy and beyond.”

Dr Robert Overton, MBBS DRCOG


“This book by Paola Bagnall is a very comprehensive and easy approach to the use of self-hypnosis in childbirth. The book will take you through all the tips that you need to know for a safe and natural birth. It will also give you an insight into pregnancy, birth, and the postnatal period, and how hypnosis can help you in those different stages.”

Lucia Montesinos, Midwife, expert in homebirths


“A most useful guide that can help mothers-to-be to have an easier and pleasantly memorable birthing experience.”

David R Hamilton PhD, author of many books including 'How Your Mind Can Heal Your Body'


“Paola Bagnall’s method is revolutionary. It transformed my second pregnancy from dread to joyful anticipation and gave me a wonderful natural childbirth. Her empowering approach gives control of the birth process back to women, and minimises the need for medical intervention and pain relief.”

Emma Johnson – a Hypnobirthing mum


"Birth Made Easy by Paola Bagnall is a new and important addition to the books on the subject of hypnobirthing.  The book is clear and extremely informative.  It is easy to read and packed with information.  Pregnant women will enjoy it and find it extremely useful in their preparation for birth, and hypnotherapists will also find in it a useful tool in developing their hypnobirthing practices.  The range of topics she covers is impressive, and I would highly recommend it."

Katharine Graves founder of The Hypnobirthing Centre UK


"I searched for a hypnobirth book on Amazon kindle and found your Birth Made Easy first. I downloaded it and read it and listened to the MP3 track for the book from your website every night for my last trimester. I found hypnosis and meditation to come easy to me. I listened to your mp3 during my 11-hour labor and your voice guided me through every contraction, like a labor coach. I remained in hypnosis the entire time actually sleeping between my 2-minute apart contractions. I had a successful natural childbirth without fear and full of peace, thanks to you. Thank you so very much, it was one of the most amazing experiences of my life, I learned how to trust my body and not to be afraid.

Melanie Willis, Haughton, Louisiana, USA, had her second baby in November 2012, using the book BIRTH MADE EASY, and the free CD that comes with the book, after a negative first time experience.


"I just had my baby on 21 July 2013. Today is Day 5. I would just like to say that this is without doubt the BEST $20 I have spent in my life. I had an incredible birthing experience, completely free of any drugs/synthetic hormones/TENS machine. I didn’t even use a heat pack or the bathtub as your methods allowed me to simply visualise the relief. I also used active birthing, i.e. I delivered in a kneeling position. I also followed your advice on perineal massage. My perineum is completely intact, and I was up and about right after skin-to-skin contact and the first breastfeed. My baby is so calm and contented as well; I am sure that your pregnancy methods that I used while practising with your CD had a significant part in this, as I have had an extremely stressful pregnancy. I feel my incredible childbirth experience has really empowered and prepared me for motherhood. The midwives and doctors in the hospital said it was the calmest birth they’ve ever seen, and a nurse took a photo of my book! The female body is designed to give birth, we forget that in these days and time. Thank you, Paola, for reminding us."

E I, Perth, Australia had her first baby July 21st 2013 using BIRTH MADE EASY and its free CD.  




This book contains the full Inner Power Hypnobirthing package
 with a FREE CD for the mum-to-be and her partner.

The book is available here: and also on Amazon, Kindle* and iBooks.


*Please note that the Kindle version does not come with a free CD as there is a link in the book to download it.


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