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Unassisted Birth Step #10: The Birth

Saturday, 19 November 2011 10:54
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Remember that everything may not go as "planned," so be open to the possibility of anything happening, and listen to your body's (and your baby's) cues.  One advantage to having a natural, unhindered birth is that it is much easier to go deep inside yourself, and you can feel everything that is going on.

You don't have anyone telling you what to do or scaring you, and you accept and realize that you are the expert on your body and your birth.  Do whatever feels right to you.  Eat, drink, moan, change positions, jog around the house if you feel like it.  Push when you feel the urge to push. Here are a few natural birthing positions

You may opt for perineal support or massage.  You can do this yourself or have someone else do it before the birth with olive oil (massage), and use hot wash cloths to loosen the tissues before and during birth. that may help you. 

Generally women opt for no support during the birth, and if you are in a squatting position (so the baby's head is not pressing as hard against your perineum as it is in a supine position) and don't push too fast, you are unlikely to tear, even with a large baby.  

As for catching the baby, this is up to the mother.  Some want to do it themselves, some want (or need) their partners to do it.  Otherwise, the baby does not need to be caught at all and can be born on whatever surface the mother chooses to birth on.

Here is the story my unassisted birth with my twin girls.


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