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Why, Why and More Whys

Friday, 15 August 2014 11:35
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So here I am with a five-year-old and a three-year-old, guess what word I ear the most everyday? "Why?"

Oh, why oh why! I knew this phase would come eventually, but, Oh did I get a reality check when it started!

Th first phase was when my eldest turned two and a half. It lasted a few months, and at first it was cute, but after a month of:

Me: Honey give me your plate.
Honey: Why?
Me: Because you have finished eating and I need to wash it.
Honey: Why?
Me: Because it's dirty.
Honey: Why?
Me: Because I put food in it and now it's empty , we need to wash it.
Honey: Why?
Me: Go wash your hands....
Honey: Why?
Me: ...

Rinse and repeat, but I survived it!

I had a few blissful months of not many whys asked, the occasional few I was glad to answer. She's a curious little darling!

Now we are in phase two, and phase one with Honey #2.

Honey (watching a movie): Mom, why is the girl crying?
Me: Because she's sad.
Honey: Why is she sad?
Me: Well, she lost her dog.
Honey: Why did she lose her dog?
Me: Because the dog ran away.
Honey: Why?? it should have stayed with her! Where will he find food now?
Me: I don't know...
Honey: Is it gonna come back?
Me: I don't know...
Honey: Is it gonna diiiiiie?
Me: I don't know... watch the movie you'll see...
Honey: Why is she wearing a yellow shirt?
Me: ...
Rinse and repeat X2.

So I get asked a million whys a day! I'm not exaggerating, or if I am, it's only a little.

I was not expecting it to be this intense. Honestly, you hear about it and it sounds annoying, but it's nothing, NOTHING, like living it. Maybe I'm just not patient enough.. or maybe my kids are just incredibly superduper curious little ones? I guess it's just normal...?

Yeah it's normal, I'm not the only one in this infinite bundle of whys. But be hopeful, it ends... eventually. That's what I heard...

And you will survive (I sure hope so)! 

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Just a regular , stay-at-home, suburban mother of three, living in the province of Quebec.

Passionate about pregnancy, birth and maternity.
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