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Homemade “Life-Book”

Sunday, 02 March 2014 18:00
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Homemade “Life-Book” Judit Csomor-Mészáros

Not so long ago I read somewhere that the number of children you have and the information you record about them are inversely proportional. Somehow it is true. About your first child you write down every tiny bit of information by date, about the second you try to note down just the month, about the third…

To avoid it I’ve collected the milestones which are worth writing down. You can buy different books at the stores for pregnant ladies and for mothers, but according to my experience the “plain notebook” is the best. As you write down just what you want, there won’t be empty pages and you don’t have to think about the author’s thoughts and what she expects to be written there.

Of course they are not carved in stone; you can complete it or leave out things. 


1.      Preparation and Planning:

  • 1.1.   I found out about you this way...
  • 1.2.   Pregnancy tests
  • 1.3.   First doctor visit:
  •       1.3.1. Date
  •       1.3.2. Result
  • 1.4.   Estimated due date
  • 1.5.   Daddy found out this way...
  • 1.6.   Everybody else found out this way...
  • 1.7.   Ultrasound photograph


2.      First Trimester:

  • 2.1.   Changes:
  •        2.1.1. Changes in my body
  •        2.1.2. Changes in my soul
  •        2.1.3. I craved/hated these
  • 2.2.   Doctor visits and results
  • 2.3.   Size of baby
  • 2.4.   Ultrasound photograph
  • 2.5.   The best things


3.      Second Trimester:

  • 3.1.   Changes:
  •        3.1.1. Changes in my body
  • My baby belly grows
  •       3.1.2. Changes in my soul
  • 3.2.   Doctor visits and results
  • 3.3.   Size of baby
  • 3.4.   Ultrasound photograph
  • 3.5.   First bumps
  • 3.6.   Your name/your sex
  • 3.7.   We bought these things
  • 3.8.   The best things


4.      Third Trimester:

  • 4.1.   Changes
  •        4.1.1. Changes in my body
  • My baby belly grows
  •        4.1.2. Changes in my soul
  • 4.2.   Doctor visits and results
  • 4.3.   Size of baby
  • 4.4.   Ultrasound photograph
  • 4.5.   Everyday bumps
  • 4.6.   You still need these things...
  • 4.7.   This will be your home...
  • 4.8.   The best things


5.      Birth Story:

  • 5.1.   News from the world
  • 5.2.   Congratulations


6.      Family Tree


7.      Your Size (length, weight etc.)


8.      Vaccinations


9.      You Have Earrings. (depending on your religious/family background)


10.  You Know These (date):

  • 10.1. Hold your head up
  • 10.2. Splash
  • 10.3. Babble
  • 10.4. Laugh
  • 10.5. Turn to your side
  • 10.6. Turn to your belly and back
  • 10.7. Play with your toys
  • 10.8. Sit up
  • 10.9. Creep - crawl
  • 10.10. Stand up
  • 10.11. Walk


11.  Your Teeth


12.  Outline of Your Hands and Feet (every 3-4 months)


13.  Your favorites:

  • 13.1.     Toys – inside and outside
  • 13.2.     Tales
  • 13.3.     Rhymes


14.  Meals:

  • 14.1.     First Bites:


14.2.     Sequence of Food you Tried


15.  Speech:

  • 15.1.     First word
  • 15.2.     First sentence


16.  Funny Things


17.  Family Gatherings:

  • 17.1. Christening:
  •      17.1.1. Godparents
  • 17.2. First Birthday:
  •      17.2.1. Guests
  •      17.2.2. Presents
  • 17.3. Christmas (where, with whom):
  •       17.3.1. Presents
  • 17.4. Easter (where, with whom):
  •      17.4.1. Presents


18.  Places you Visited (excursions, holidays)


19.  These also Happened in the First Two Years (anything else which we consider important)


20.  Second Birthday:

  • 20.1.     Guests
  • 20.2.     Presents


21.  Your favorites:

  • 21.1.     Toys – inside and outside
  • 21.2.     Tales
  • 21.3.     Rhymes (and how you say them)


22.  Family Gatherings:

  • 22.1.     Christmas, Easter, Birth of a sibling, bigger family events


23.  Wisecracks


24.  Places you Visited (excursions, holidays, concerts, sport events, etc.)


25.  Creative Creations (drawings, paintings, photos of them)


26.  I Visited These Communities...


27.  Friends (it is worth writing their whole names too as they can find each other later in life) 


28.  These also Happened After my Second Birthday… (anything else which we consider important)


From the 20th point we can repeat the things, completing it with the nursery, later the school, until our little one gets bored that we write down everything about them.


What would you record in your life book?

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Dear Reader,

First of all, I'm a mother of a 2 and a half-year-old boy and a 9-month-old girl from Hungary (a small state in Central-Europe).

I was born in 1984 and from the time I remember I wanted to be a mother. As a profession, I'm an English teacher, so I work with children between the age of 6-14. I met my husband in 2002. We would like to have three children.

When I expected my son I thought that birth is very simple. I go the hospital, give life than after 3 days I go home with my baby. But for me it was not so simple, I have genetic, uncontrolled pain weakness. So I had both of my children with c-section.

Fortunately, life compensates, I have never had problem with breastfeeding. I breastfed my son for 16 months. He stopped it when I was half-time pregnant with my daughter.

I'd love to help other mothers find the bright side of having children. I'm very thankful for TBS for the opportunity to write, and for "Édes Terhem" Baby Carrying group in my hometown because they taught me a lot of thing about natural child raising which I can share with you.

If you had any questions, just feel free to ask. I'll try to answer.

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