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The Family Bed - An Evolutionary Approach

Thursday, 07 February 2013 18:00
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Despite all of the dire warnings from conventional parents all over the world about the "family bed", modern parents are challenging this old school teaching. There's a new wave of parenting and medical experts that firmly support the family bed, like Dr. Sears and renowned Dr. James McKenna.

There's new research and evidence that have shown the many benefits of family sleep-sharing. Tons of modern parents have decided that co-sleeping actually provides a safer, sounder sleep for everyone in the household.

Not only does co-sleeping give the new mom a much needed amount of shut-eye, but scientists believe there is an evolutionary link to this night time habit. We are the only species of animal on this planet that does not sleep with their young. Think of that for a moment...we have instincts for a reason, to protect ourselves and our loved ones.

SIDS; the suffocation of an infant. As any mother knows, any move your baby makes will wake you. Once your baby moves into a unhealthy sleeping position you will instinctively wake up and move baby back to good. You can't do that if you're in a whole other room. And, another amazing fact: a baby's heartbeat will actually match that of it's mothers when placed within touching distance, hence if breathing issues develop during sleep, they will be quickly remedied. Think of this: another word for SIDS is COT Death. What is a cot? A CRIB!

For years and years, the biggest rule of family sleep, as per parenting experts, has been that babies should never be allowed to sleep with their parents. This, we were told, will lead to poor sleep habits, unhealthy dependencies, ruined marriages and even SIDS. So not true! The crib is actually only a Western world habit that has been instilled in us for 150 years. Prior to this it was generally assumed that babies and children would sleep with their parents. Most families could not afford separate rooms or beds for everyone in the house.

Additionally, sharing sleep was a reliable way to make sure that the youngsters stayed warm. Children will also sleep more soundly when placed in close quarters with their parents. Of course! Children feel more relaxed and secure when they are close to the most important people in their lives. When children are relaxed and secure, they are healthy emotionally. Enough said!

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I'm a Certified Lamaze Childbirth Educator (LCCE), Certified Prenatal Fitness Consultant (level 1), Certified Birth Doula, and most importantly a mother to 5 beautiful boys!

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