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Monday, 21 November 2011 18:48

Unassisted Birth Step #13: Cutting the Cord

Most experts/parents agree that delayed cord cutting is the safest and best possible thing to do.  Generally it is wise to wait until either, 1) the cord has stopped pulsating, or 2) the placenta has been delivered.  Most wait until the placenta has been delivered, but if your baby has a short cord and the placenta isn't coming quickly enough, some prefer to cut when the cord has stopped pulsating.

If for some reason you need to cut the cord before it stops pulsating, you will want to tie off (many different things can be used, two common ones are shoelaces and dental ribbon) or clamp the cord in two places and cut between them.  Otherwise you may choose to only clamp on baby's end, or not at all.  Make sure you use a sharp, sterilized scissors to cut.

Some moms opt for a lotus birth where the placenta and cord remain intact until it is naturally removed from the baby.

Here is the story my unassisted birth with my twin girls.


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