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Wednesday, 30 October 2013 05:15

‘It’s twins!’: A Father’s Perspective

Any man is delighted to hear that he is about to become a father. I think it’s also safe to say that every man is equally terrified at the prospect!

Now imagine my reaction in the doctor’s office when I learned that I had double the work on my hands. The news that my wife and I were expecting twins delighted us more than you can imagine, but it also petrified me to think that in a few short months I would be responsible for not one, but two tiny human beings. 

All pregnancies are miraculous, but there’s something particularly amazing about the idea of two babies developing inside my wife's belly. While we are making sure my wife receives the best prenatal care, it concerns me that carrying twins can pose more risks for her and the babies than a single child pregnancy might. 

I did my own research to stop myself from worrying excessively, watching videos about parents and their experience managing twins. The British-based National Health Service website had very useful and reassuring information on multiple birth pregnancies page. I discovered that while the risks are can be greater, preparing for a multiple birth pregnancy isn’t that much different from a single birth. Eating healthily and getting plenty of rest are the best recommendations for any pregnant woman – especially when she is doing the work for 3 people!

Whether a woman is expecting one, two or three babies, diet is crucially important. To help my wife out as much as I can, I will be taking care of the cooking. Expectant mothers of twins are at greater risk of developing anaemia, so we’re paying particular attention to iron-rich recipes like thyme-buttered cabbage. I’m sure that will go down as a treat when the cravings kick in!  

The thought of teaching my children to ride bikes and swim fills me with happy anticipation, and I’ve already been looking at things like sleeping bags and outdoor clothing in preparation for the fantastic camping trips I’ll be taking the twins on!  It hasn't been easy to stop thinking about all the things that could go wrong, but I am trying to focus on getting excited for being a father of two energetic children.

I’ve learned to stop treating my wife as if she’s made of glass. There are risks and complications with every pregnancy, and expecting twins doesn't make her more fragile. I’m focusing on taking one day at a time, doing my absolute best to make sure my wife is calm and doesn’t want for anything, and eagerly awaiting the day I get to meet my babies!


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