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Sunday, 27 January 2013 12:09

Pickles Maternity

Pickles Maternity website officially went live in mid-October 2012 after a year of planning and designing andless than two weeks before my third child was born.  Prior to starting Pickles Maternity I had spent many years in a part-time position with the Saskatchewan Health Regionas well as attending University part-time where I was working toward a degree in Accounting.  I truly enjoyed my job, and was looking forward to starting a career in the accounting field once I completed my degree.  However,during my maternity leave with my second daughter, I began to consider that I would rather do something that would allow me to spend more quality time with my children.  I love all the precious moments that my children have and watching them grow and develop into their own little unique persons is so precious.

The decision to begin Pickles Maternity is the result of my own personal experiences.  I have always struggled with fertility and with both my daughters I became pregnant due to a little medical intervention.  After my first daughter was born, it was six years later when I finally became pregnant with my second daughter.  After waiting so long for a second child, I really wanted to celebrate this personal accomplishment by buying very cute and stylish maternity clothes that would show off my tummy.  Unfortunately I was frustrated by the selection I found within Saskatoon and I simply didn’t have the time to look elsewhere.  A year later, when I began to consider starting my own business, it was this experience that convinced me to start a maternity store.  I wanted to help other women who are also unable to find attractive and beautifully designed maternity clothes.  During the process of creating Pickles Maternity, I was surprised and thrilled to discover that I was pregnant with my third child - no medical intervention needed.

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Saturday, 26 March 2011 06:12

Trendy Clothes for Pregnancy

Many pregnant women know just how expensive maternity clothing can be. They also know there may not be much young and hip maternity clothing available that can be purchased locally. For many women their best option is ordering off the internet, but this can be intimidating because you cannot see the items or try them on before purchase. Some women will find amazing deals off sites like kijiji, Craigslist, or eBay where stylish maternity clothes can be purchase new or used for reasonable prices. The pregnant mama in this video will show you how to buy and match regular clothes in a larger size for cute, trendy and comfortable maternity looks. Some of these separates are as inexpensive as ten dollars, now that's a price everyone can afford!

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