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A 5 Step Guide to Pre-Birth Communication

Monday, 16 September 2013 23:15
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Pre-birth communication is being able to connect to your child before physical birth.  Communication works by using your intuition by receiving words, images, sensations, and feelings.  The experience of pre-birth communication is different for each person.  It truly begins by being open to listen within and trusting the experience.  Creating a practice can be the best way to start receiving communication from your baby and a great way to connect and go inward.   

How does pre-birth communication work? How does a mother communicate?  How does a father or partner communicate? How does a baby communicate?

How does a mother communicate?  Mother and baby share a connection in a unique way. It depends upon the mother’s receptivity and self awareness.  A mother must trust herself to be guided by her intuition.  Intuition is that feeling inside that keeps you safe and aware.  Intuition is enhanced in pregnancy and for a very good reason.  It is to protect the mother and baby.  Mothers may experience a heighten intuition that stays beyond the birth of her baby.  That is a gift! 

How does communication work? There are many ways to communicate with your baby in the womb or future baby in conception.  Some examples are: nighttime dreaming, meditations, telepathic messages, body sensations, and intuitive visualizations.   Each pre-birth connection is unique for the baby and unique for the mother.  Both creating and communicating in the best way.    

What it does for father / partner? Communication can come to fathers and or other family members and friends.  It is not limited to just mothers.  We do not want to leave out the fathers or other partner.  A father or partner can create their own experiences and sometimes it can bring up challenges because the partner may not feel as connected as the mother.  Communication can still happen.  Creating a practice of pre-birth communication with partner can help the partner build a relationship of sensitivity, involvement, confidence, and spiritual connection.  It can also offer a strengthening of self awareness and a more developed intuition.  Pre-birth connection gives the partner a powerful opportunity to connect to the child in his or her own unique way.  This honors the baby and father/partner union.

What it does for baby? Your baby is a highly intuitive being with a wealth of love, openness, wisdom, and intelligence.  The soul is a timeless and perfect body of love, pleasure, and oneness.  A baby is a pure vessel that wants to be heard by parents with loving acknowledgment and honest exchanges.  This early spiritual bonding experience creates deep connects that will carry into childhood.

5 Steps to starting your Pre-Birth Communication Practice

1) Learn meditation! Meditation will teach you about relaxation and open you up to connecting within. When we are relaxed we are the most receptive to listen to body sensations and the internal spiritual voice inside.

2) Learn to pay attention to the subtle energies around you.  If you feel it is your imagination that is great because that is the start to the creative flow of information that will soon become more clear.  Don’t forget you are creating a practice. 

3) Trust YOURSELF!  If you do not learn to trust your intuition then this will be challenging.  Nobody knows you better then you.  Practice following your intuition everyday by making it a positive habit.  Grow and learn about you! 

4) Be open to explore and try different ways to connect to your baby.  Learn techniques, meditations, and exercises that enhance your senses and create strong connections to your baby. 

5) Be kind and gentle in your practice.  Make sure you feel no pressure to make something happen.  Let the spiritual experience teach you and guide you into understanding you more.  Let curiosity, skepticism, and trust be your close friends.    

Pre-birth communication is a deeply spiritual practice.  Early communication promotes bonding between parent and baby that is a deeply rich and loving experience.  It teaches you how to stay connected to your body during pregnancy.  It brings calm to pregnancy fears, while strengthening emotional awareness and building mental clarity.  It is spiritual parenting in the womb!    

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Kelly Meehan, MA (Birth Healing Visionary, Sacred Therapist, & Mystical Teacher) 

Kelly is a birth healing visionary that focuses on spirituality in conception, pregnancy, birth, and motherhood.  She uses her extra sensory sensitivity and deep wisdom to support women in achieving an empowered birth, a spiritual pregnancy, healing conception, and awakened parenting.  She assists others to elevate and illuminate the radiance within the feminine soul for living an authentic life.  She feels we need to come together to make a difference in creating positive beginnings in birth for our mothers and babies for our future.  

Learn more at  Join a new facebook group called (Pre-Birth Communication: The Sacred Art of Conversations- to share stories, insight, and education.)


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