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 Pre-birth communication also called soul communication or spirit baby communication, is being able to connect with the spirit of your child before birth.Connecting with the spirit of your child before birth is all about trusting the inner sense of intuition.It is not a new understanding to speak, listen, and receive messages from ones child in pre-conception, during pregnancy, and in birth loss.Actually, many cultures and religions throughout the world practice specific traditions that are shared through generations of women and men.In pre-birth practices the emphasis is creating a connection to the spirit of your child.It is an experienced, honored, and respected way of life for many. The indigenous community of Australia, West Africa, India, and North America are a few of the many cultures that practice and believe in communication with the spirit of ones child before birth. (Cosmic Cradle byE. Carmen, N. Carmen

 “Souls are like seeds lying dormant in Earth’s garden waiting for the right opportunity to find parents.Some are blessed with long lives; others are blessed with shorter ones.” Cosmic Cradle byE. Carmen, N. Carmen

The loss of a child is a deeply difficult and painful experience that is life changing for a family.  Birth loss is not easy to understand and a great deal of sympathy and compassion is needed towards healing.  Modern medicine is still not clear why women experience birth loss whether it is miscarriage, still birth, or Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS).  A huge mystery lives in scientific theories, but it also lives in the spiritual.  That spiritual place can easily be forgotten, but also remembered, and at the same time we must recall of its great wisdom, purpose, and beauty that forces us to meet the cycles of life and death. 

“There seems to be an unspoken message in our society that says we should not grieve too much for our miscarriages.”  Soul Trek by E. Hallett

Developing a soul to soul connection with your child after loss begins with addressing emotional grief and inner fears.It involves self discovery, the ability to cope, exploration of awareness, and meeting each day as it arrives.Some women may connect to their child without trying, while others find it helpful to create a ritual or practice of self awareness in meditation.Working towards creating a spiritual connection with the spirit of your child will require you to create a practice of self love and self care through meditation, visual imagery, yoga, and walking just to name a few ways to connect and get answers of love and healing. 

The most important part of spirit communication is being able to be open to trust your intuition and openly talk to your child.  Notice and be aware of how you receive communication from your child.  It could be a symbol from the outside world, a body sensation, a deep knowing, a psychic vision, or in dreams.Your child is waiting for you to talk to him or her.Your child does not want you to suffer, and your child has tons to share with you.Give yourself time to share in a selfless way and recognize the eternal light of your child.

Ways of Communicating

To create a connection with your child you will begin by finding a quite space where you will light a candle.Then close your eyes and be open.  Let’s start your soul to soul conversation by saying a prayer, a blessing, mantra, poem or intention.  It is important to connect to your loving heart.  In your heart is the opportunity to deepen presence and feel God.You will be able to hear your child that wants to share messages of healing, hope, support, and love. 

Bring your attention to your breath and feel your breath moving through your lungs down into your belly and into your whole body.  Imagine all your breath moving from your head to your feet.  After a minute or more of inhales and exhales continue to feel awareness of your body and notice any sensations or feelings that rise into your consciousness.  Next bring your awareness to your heart by placing your hands on the center of your chest. As your hands are placed on your heart, you are going to invite your child to communicate with you.  You can offer your child a specific statement for example “I am open and ready to connect to you.” or  “I love you and want to have a conversation with you.”  Remember to be open, relaxed, and receive without judgment and don’t hold back.  If you do not feel any connection right away be kind and gentle with yourself and continue to create a loving practice of soul to soul communication with your child. You will be very grateful you did!     

As you are talking to your child and opening up to the energies you will now imagine seeing your child.  It does not matter if you have seen your child in physical form or not.You will connect to that brilliant, beautiful, whole, and healthy spirit. Notice what that feels like and explore the connection. If you find it challenging just take your time and move slow.All you need is a strong and deeply powerful desire to connect and that means you must feel worthy and deserving of it.Each time you connect with the soul of your child it will be a different experience. Welcome that.   

Healing the feeling of loss will not be an easy journey.  It will require you to tap into unknown places within. It will ask you to deepen your practice of self care and self love. It will bring many things up to challenge your beliefs and challenge your heart.Creating a connection of awareness with the soul or spirit of your child can bring a new energy of healing into your life.  Recognizing that the physical may be gone, but the spirit lives on.  The bonding of a parent and child relationship can develop after birth loss.  It begins by creating a connection with the spiritual heart and spiritual mind. Give yourself an opportunity to explore, expand, and heal beyond what you thought was possible.   


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