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What Are Your Core Beliefs About Pregnancy?

Wednesday, 04 December 2013 08:04
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Core beliefs are things that we believe about life that are etched into our subconscious mind. Many times we do not even know that we have these core beliefs; let alone that they are running aspects of our lives. As a woman, we receive many messages about pregnancy throughout our lives from our families, friends, the media, and our culture. By the time we find ourselves pregnant we have certainly developed some core beliefs about pregnancy.

Core beliefs are very powerful messages. They deeply influence how we perceive ourselves and the world around us. When we have positive core beliefs, we approach things in a positive way. When we have negative core beliefs we are likely to approach things in a negative way. We are likely to find evidence to support our core beliefs, and exclude evidence that does not support our core beliefs. Therefore, we find ourselves in a cycle where we are reinforcing our core beliefs. We continue to attract the people, attitudes, and experiences that support our core beliefs. This is why it is so important to discover what your core beliefs are.

If your core pregnancy beliefs are positive, and are working for your greater good, bravo! But if your pregnancy core beliefs are negative, you may find yourself in a cycle where you are reinforcing those negative beliefs.

You have the power to change your pregnancy core beliefs, and we will work on that later. But first you have to know what your current pregnancy core beliefs are.

So how do you know what your pregnancy core beliefs are?

An easy exercise you can use to discover your pregnancy core beliefs is to write a list of all of the things you have heard about pregnancy. They may be things that your mother told you about her pregnancies. They may be things you’ve learned from watching TV, or reading magazines. They may be things you’ve learned from friends. Just give yourself the time and space to write out a list of things that come to mind when you think about pregnancy.

Here are some sentence starters that can help you get going. Put one of these sentence starters at the top of your paper and see what comes to mind. Then move on to the next one, and so on.

Pregnancy is ______________.

Pregnant women are ______________.

Pregnant women can/cannot ____________________.

Pregnant women should/should not ______________________.

Once you have your list, you can separate it into positive statements and negative statements. Often our negative statements use terms like always, never, should, should not and cannot. They may also include negative words such as difficult, painful, ugly, etc.

Looking at your list of negative statements about pregnancy, ask yourself whether these statements are impacting your pregnancy in a negative way. You will need to get honest with yourself, but be gentle. You are uncovering things that you didn’t know were impacting your mindset around pregnancy. Now that you have uncovered the belief, you have the power to release the negative belief that’s causing problems for you.

In order to release a negative belief it can help to understand where this belief has come from. For example, you may have seen, “Pregnant women are moody and irrational” on your list. Why do you believe that? You’ve seen this stereotype on TV, movies, in books, and magazines. Possibly, when your mother was pregnant with your younger brother, you remember her crying a lot and yelling at you for no reason. Between the stereotyping in the media and your personal experience as a child you have developed and reinforced that belief.

Now think about your pregnancy. You have been moody and irrational. That’s what you have believed about pregnant women, so you have embodied that belief to some degree.

Following this process has helped you to discover your core beliefs about pregnancy and identify your negative core beliefs. I will help you release your negative core beliefs and replace them with positive beliefs in my next article

If you’d like help with any specific negative core beliefs, please share below.

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About the author: Jamie Hocking is the founder of Mindful Pregnancy and the creator of Affirmations For Pregnancy. Her mission is to support pregnant women with empowering practices so they can embrace the transformative power of pregnancy. Jamie is currently training to be a Hypnobirthing Practitioner. She is the mother to two daughters, ages six and one. 




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