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Hello and welcome to my blog! I am a certified childbirth educator and mindfulness practitioner and trainer. I am also studying to become and counsellor specialising in parenting and child development and am almost finished my doula certification. Most importantly, I am a mum to four amazing children and a wife to my wonderful military husband. Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoy. ~ Renee

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I remember the first birth I attended as a midwifery student. It was this mom’s first baby. At one point during transition, she was in the bath and she was moaning as loud as she could. I began to feel uneasy that she was experiencing so much pain. My instinct…
I discovered I had a prolapsed bladder just 2 weeks after giving birth to my fourth child. I could feel a fleshy bulge caused by my bladder slipping down and putting pressure on my front vaginal wall. I was devastated. I felt broken, scared and alone. I wondered if I…
When I had my sixth child, I tried an herbal bath mix in my early postpartum. Not only was it incredibly soothing, it helped me heal faster! I even brought my new baby into the bath with me. He loved the warm water and I loved the relief! It’s an…
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