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A Dialogue of Trust Featured

Saturday, 14 September 2013 21:00
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Dear Pregnant Self,


You embark upon a miracle that profoundly transforms my very structure.  Wisdom manifests with wonder as another human being grows within the vibrancy of my womb. I take this time to offer both gratitude and advice.


Thank you for eating organic and healthy food. Thank you for practicing yoga and for offering me the healing power of massage. Thank you for being devoted to spiritual pursuits. For such practices allow you to be a kindred resident in the flesh that I am.


Please work to build upon this. Drink more water. Cultivate gratitude before meals. Eat breakfast. Be sure to sleep. Let yourself fall into moments of rest—often. Take me outside more. Let me be at home in the elements that constitute my very being. I need this rejuvenation time.


Trust the messages I give you, for I am incapable of lying. Remember, there is power in the natural pattern of each inhale and exhale. Trust the dance of pregnancy and be gentle with yourself when doubts or worries arise. They are a part of the journey too. 


Finally, dear beloved self, don’t be afraid of labor. We will do it together.


I’m stronger than you know.



Your Body




Dear Body,

I take this time to offer my gratitude.


Thank you for being my most intimate knowing, consisting of blood and mystery woven through and through in this field of time. I’m blessed with your vitality, beauty, and health. You are a precious wonder, all the more so due to the irrevocable fact of your transitory nature. 


Now you are the home to another life forming, a child made of love. Miracle upon miracle astounds me. I watch you change daily. I admire your round and feminine loveliness. I stand in awe of breasts and expanding belly. I bow to the source of life’s radiance. I am humbled by gratefulness.


May you be blessed with safety in the upcoming labor and birth. May you never know disrespect or harm. I vow to surround you with kindness and support. I pray to have the courage to move with you, and with the rhythms that birthed the generations before us. Thank you for your wisdom given in the form of inutiions, dreams, and instinctive awareness. 


Beloved body, I love this human experience. I am most grateful for the opportunity to be a mother. Yes, we will labor together to bring forth this child. Yes.

I trust you and marvel at your strength.



Your Pregnant Self

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Amy Wright Glenn earned her MA in Religion and Education from Teachers College, Columbia University. She taught for eleven years in the Religion and Philosophy Department at The Lawrenceville School in New Jersey earning the Dunbar Abston Jr. Chair for Teaching Excellence.  She is a Kripalu Yoga teacher, Birthing Mama® Prenatal Yoga and Wellness Teacher Trainer, (CD)DONA birth doula, hospital chaplain, and founder of the Institute for the Study of Birth, Breath, and Death. Amy is a regular contributor to PhillyVoice and recently published her first book: Birth, Breath, and Death: Meditations on Motherhood, Chaplaincy, and Life as a Doula. 

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