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Why Public Breastfeeding Is Necessary

Thursday, 28 November 2013 09:07
Countless ingredients, some yet to be discovered, perfect nourishment and comfort for the child, and life saving processes for the mother; No one can question the benefits derived from, not just breast milk, but the act of breastfeeding. Yet it seems every day there is a new story about a…
I often come across many mothers asking which bottles to try for their breastfed infant so that they can switch between breast and bottle and back again with ease. I even went as far as to do my own little poll on a popular online parenting website! All of the…

No More Children

Wednesday, 17 July 2013 07:10
As I type this, Tears roll down my cheeks.  Just imagining my womb ever-empty; No more kicks from within, Never enduring another contraction, Or basking in that after-birth high.  It may sound nice to most,  But to me it means no more babies cradled in my arms,  At the breast,…
Ask any questions that are relevant Is she certified? When did she become certified or why is she not? How many births has she attended? How many clients does she usually take in a month (any more than 5 clients in a month is a red flag)? How much will…

Why You'll Always Be My Baby

Saturday, 26 January 2013 07:56
My children are my world, my everything. I love them all equally yet uniquely.   However, every time I have wanted to have a baby its been for the experience of pregnancy, even childbirth, and mostly, of course, the baby. I haven't had a baby because I wanted a kid or adult.…

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