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Why You'll Always Be My Baby Featured

Saturday, 26 January 2013 07:56
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My children are my world, my everything. I love them all equally yet uniquely.  

However, every time I have wanted to have a baby its been for the experience of pregnancy, even childbirth, and mostly, of course, the baby.

I haven't had a baby because I wanted a kid or adult. Now, I am not saying I don't want my kids or kids in general.

What I am saying is this: We are lured to our babies; Kind of forced to love them by nature.

The beauty of a newborn who develops into this irresistible baby who eventually melts our heart with his or her every smile and laugh, which makes us turn into idiots trying to get them do it over and over again.

Every mother I've heard from wishes they could stop time at some point, for most multiple points, and enjoy their baby or child for just a bit longer.

Every mother craves a baby, their baby, cradled in their arms once more.

We start out caring for our babies before we even know what they look like. We go through the test of childbirth to bring them into this world.

We love and adore our precious babies who grow into toddlers, teenagers, and eventually adults who we still love just as much. 

What I am saying is that every time I look at any one of my children I remember them within me, birthing them, their newborn beauty, and their irresistible baby-ness.

What I am saying is...

No matter how old they are, to me and to most, they will always be my baby. 

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I am a stay at home mom to 4 beautiful kids. I am a breastfeeding and natural birth advocate and contribute to this website. I hope to one day become a midwife, labor and delivery nurse, doula, or childbirth educator. My boyfriend of 7 years and I just got married January 2013! 

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