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No More Children Featured

Wednesday, 17 July 2013 07:10
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As I type this,

Tears roll down my cheeks. 

Just imagining my womb ever-empty;

No more kicks from within,

Never enduring another contraction,

Or basking in that after-birth high. 

It may sound nice to most, 

But to me it means no more babies cradled in my arms, 

At the breast, feeding, so close to my heart. 

And surprisingly, those restless nights, 

Quiet time just for me and you; 

Yes, I'll miss them too. 

Innocent eyes, 

Heartbreaking cries, 

Tiny fingers and toes, 

And that oh-so-sweet baby smell, 

All I'll forever crave. 

Having a baby is hard, even I can admit. 

Bitter, bitter sweet. 

I'll forever miss those days. 

Baby and me. 



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I am a stay at home mom to 4 beautiful kids. I am a breastfeeding and natural birth advocate and contribute to this website. I hope to one day become a midwife, labor and delivery nurse, doula, or childbirth educator. My boyfriend of 7 years and I just got married January 2013! 

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