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I often come across many mothers asking which bottles to try for their breastfed infant so that they can switch between breast and bottle and back again with ease. I even went as far as to do my own little poll on a popular online parenting website! All of the following bottle brands have their own compatible breast pumps. You can visit and to view reviews for yourself when determining which bottle(s) to try. Here is a list of bottles that have gotten the best reviews for being of ease of use with breastfeeding (1 being most recommended and 8 being the least recommended): 

1. Tommee Tippee bottles were the most recommended bottle and are also available in blue and pink colors. There are 2 size options being the cute 5 ounce bottle and a 9 ounce bottle. They also have a similar version of the Dr. Browns bottle called Sensitive Tummy and Added Comfort if your baby requires special attention to air intake. Chief complaints about the bottle included the nipple collapsing and leakage.

2. Dr. Brown's bottles have a variety of options to choose from being size (2,4, and 8 ounce sizes for their standard plastic bottle or 4 and 8 ounces sizes for their wide neck and pink or blue colored and glass bottles), color, wide-neck or standard, glass or BPA free plastic, and they even have a preemie nipple. The most common complaint with these bottles is that there are too many parts to clean.

3. Playtex Nurser with Drop Ins Liners has a wide variety of colors and designs to choose from as well as 8 and 4 ounce size choices. This bottle system is ideal for outings and daycare settings for ease of cleaning. Complaints about the bottles were usually about the measuring indicators being incorrect and leakage.

4. Avent brand bottles also boast a new design that continues to generate wonderful reviews. You can choose from pink, blue, or regular clear bottles and between glass or plastic as well as 4, 11, and 9 ounce sizes. Many complaints are due to leakage.

5. Breastflow bottles have been recommended by lactation consultants and many parents, myself included, and are more affordable. These bottles also have a disposable version similar to the Playtex Nurser with Drop In Liners and are available in 2 sizes, 9 and 5 ounces. A nice feature is that the lid snaps onto the bottom of the bottle which is very convenient. Frequent complaints often referred to leakage, nipple collapse, and having too many parts to clean/difficulty putting the nipple together.

6. BornFree bottles are available in both plastic and glass for both 9 ounce and 5 ounce sizes with character from Disney's The Lion King and Minnie Mouse and are "interchangeable with all BornFree cups and bottles". There has been minimal complaints regarding the classic plastic bottle but the glass bottle has gotten a few bad reviews apparently due to light, low quality glass cracking and breaking.

7. NUK bottles feature a unique orthodontic nipple design that claims to "mimic moms natural nipple shape" with seductive designs available in 10 and 5 ounce sizes which is also compatible with the NUK Soft Spout so that the bottles can also be sippy cups later on. People have complained that having to keep the bottle nipple pointed a certain way is tedious especially during middle of the night feedings or when unknowing  persons feed the infant.

8. mOmma by Lansinoh has a convenient feature that with just a simple change of the top  can transform your bottle into a straw or sippy cup and back again with ease with or without the handles. The adorable round bottle, available in 5 and 8.4 ounce sizes, and one-of-a-kind nipple design offer a unique bottle-feeding experience. The very few complaints about this bottle include not being able to drain the bottle completely because of the design and the shape of the bottle makes it difficult to fit into warmers, bowls, cups, and some pots for heating.




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