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TBS has been a real learning curve for me on a daily basis at times. The way I stumble across new information is humbling. Today I learned that Autism is in fact Mercury poisoning! I could go on and on about the information I have learned that has caused me to feel VERY heavy feelings of sadness, anger, regret, stupidity, etc. When us admins post information to Facebook that women get mad and sad about...we feel it and we don't like being the bearer of bad news anymore than you enjoy hearing the news!

A few of you may be wonderfing why I am blabbing about this. The answer is simple. Modern society has done a huge disservice to mothers and babies where profits are the deciding factor on health...not geniune concern for humanity. I cannot wait for society to strike a balance, leaning away from patriarchy and moving towards a more matriarchal way of doing things. But until this happens we will be hurt by believing and trusting certain things in life regarding the wellbeing of our families and ourselves. We believe in parents, particularly mothers learning about factual, truthful information so they can learn from their mistakes and change how they do things. Because ultimately we are the ones with the power, making decisions for an entire household of poeple more often that not aren't we? 

I yearn for EVERYONE to see the goodness and the love in life's precious moments of birth whether it's the mom, dad, birth companion, doula, nurse or care provider. 

I also live for the day that doctor's offices stop taking funds from formula companies, formula companies start answering for health problems their product causes and breastfeeding to be seen as the NORMAL thing to do...boob hanging out and all if the mother chooses.

There will be a time when Big Pharma & the FDA will be mandated to have a conscience about killing innocent people systematically for profit and share price; when their schemes, cost benefit vs risk analysis and claims that you'll die of the "xyz" virus without this vaccine are no longer accepted as truthful information from a trusted source. 

I cannot WAIT for things to change and there not to be a need for TBS at all! Unless you ladies want to stick around...but I really hope we aren't making women mad and sad in 20 years. Let's do our best to save the next generation from these difficult struggles.




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