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Great Expectations-It's Time!! Featured

Wednesday, 11 September 2013 17:18
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Nik after the birth of baby #2 Nik after the birth of baby #2

It feels like it’s been forever since the last time I felt a child wiggle in my tummy.  In reality, it’s only been 3 short years since the birth of our last child.  Since I started having babies at the age of 21, I’ve been one of those women who is eternally ready for another baby.  Laying on the hospital bed after our youngest child was born, my first thought (after the impassioned cries of “it’s MY baby!”) was “when can I do this again?!”

According to my midwife, who took me in at nearly 24 weeks as a high risk patient having just been diagnosed with cervical cancer, I needed to wait at least 2 years to let my cervix heal.  Fortunately, the areas of my cervix affected were easy to treat and after a quick round of snip-snip-here and scrape-scrape-there, I found myself cancer free.  I had suffered months of torturous preterm labor with my sweet baby girl, starting at 24 weeks and ending in a 19 minute delivery at 36+4 weeks.   Having another pregnancy so close to her birth could have been very bad, so I begrudgingly decided to heed my midwife’s advice and postpone baby #3.

There has hardly been a day that passed since then that I haven’t thought “Today would be a great day to be pregnant!”  When the 2 year mark rolled around and I got the go-ahead to conceive a pint-size person, my husband was quick to throw up a stop sign.  We were in the middle of some very heavy life changes and we weren’t in a good place to be welcoming another child into our family.  We decided to revisit the idea in a year.  A long, looooong year.

And that time is now.  Hubby and I sat down and had “the talk.”  And we have unanimously chosen to have another baby.  I can hardly contain my excitement!

Being a birth doula by trade and a birth junkie by nature, I have a whole bookshelf of books I read (and reread) about fertility, pregnancy, birth, and so on.  One of my favorite go-to books is “Taking Charge Of Your Fertility” by Toni Weschler (which you can pick up at Amazon here, or at your local bookstore).  If you are thinking about giving pregnancy a shot, or if you are fed up with your hormonal birth control and are looking for a reliable and natural option, you should definitely get a copy of your own!  The Fertility Awareness Method (FAM) is, in my opinion, one of the greatest conception aids out there.  When we were trying for our youngest, for 17 stressful months, I was at my wits end and wondering why I couldn’t get pregnant after having so easily conceived our first child.  It wasn’t until I discovered TCOYF and FAM that I really got to understand my body and how conception truly works.  We fell pregnant less than 3 months after I started charting.

As soon as hubby agreed to start trying again, I brushed off my copy and cozied up in my chair for a refresher course on the miracle of conception.  I picked up a basal thermometer ($7 at Wal-Mart, or any digital to the tenth thermometer will do) and anxiously awaited the arrival my menstrual cycle to get started.  I’m only half-heartedly charting my cycle this month and trying to focus more on familiarizing myself with my body.  There is so much that happens down there!  Cervical fluid changes, high or low, open or closed, temps up, temps down.  And it all comes together to create a beautiful place to make a baby.  The female body is so amazing!

I’m so ready to have a wiggly bundle of love in my tummy again.  I’ve started taking a prenatal vitamin and am upping my daily amount of protein.  I’ve already made a preconception appointment with the midwife that delivered our daughter, and I’m compiling a list of questions.  I might be just a tad over-zealous. 

There is no greater joy than that of bringing a baby into the world, and I can’t wait to share this journey with you.

Peace and love,

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Nik is a birth doula in Indiana (USA) who aspires to become a midwife in the future.  She is busy raising her 2 daughters and in her spare time she vounteers with ICAN, Improving Birth, and TWLOHA, among others.  Nik currently blogs for The Birthing Site and BirthFree Doula Services.


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